Description of “Law Regarding Patents”

Preface: “Law Regarding Patents,” by Rick Neifeld, Ph.D., Patent Attorney, is a PDF searchable work organized in sections corresponding to authorities relating to United States patent law. Within each section, for each authority, are relevant case law excerpts. The purpose for this organization is to allow the user to rapidly locate, understand, and apply law relevant to a topic. The authorities are organized in the following sequence: United States constitution; generally applicable legal doctrines; international patent law; federal rules (of evidence and procedure); United States Code (USC; organized sequentially by title number, part, chapter, subchapter, and code section); and state law. The USC authorities include text from selected sections for USC volumes: 5; 7; 9; 11; 15; 17; 18; 19; 21; 28; 35; and 42. Immediately following the section for 35 USC, there is a section for the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) volume 37 part 42. Throughout this work, subheadings are designed to identify the relevant legal issue to which they relate. The table of contents (TOC) exceeds 100 pages, and the following content exceeds 2000 pages. Each entry in the TOC includes a hyperlink to the corresponding content.

Disclaimer, hold harmless: This work is not legal advice. You should retain competent legal counsel before proceeding in any legal matter, including legal matters relating to patents. There may be mis-cites, out of date excerpts, errors, and omissions. You assume the risk and hold me harmless for any loss you incur, by relying upon this work. Formatting: Case law excerpts are generally presented in this work in block quote format. Each block quote contains a citation in brackets at the end of the block quote, and the case name in the citation is underlined. Symbols “…” and “***” in case law excerpts indicate excluded text. Some case citations include the court case docket number and day, month, and year of decision. Some excerpts do not faithfully reproduce emphasis in the original, for example excluding italics, or including underlining of case names instead of italics.

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